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WATCH: Woman watches deer approach her cat and can’t believe what happens next

Deer cat-wow
© Unsplash

When a deer approached Terri Randall’s cat Flambo, she wasn’t sure how her feline friend would react. But little did Terri know it would be the start of a beautiful friendship.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 10/11/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Some people find it hard to make friends, but not Flambo the cat.

She is happy to make friends with anyone, especially if it means she doesn’t have to make much effort, and even gets a free wash into the bargain.

Garden visitors

It’s not unusual for Terri Randall to spot a small flock of deer in her garden in Dryden, New York. The animals would normally appear in pairs or up to a group of six and would enjoy snacking on the apples in Terri’s garden. The deer would usually keep to themselves, so she never gave it much thought.

That was until one day when she was backing out of her driveway and glanced out of the car window and saw two deer approach Flambo.

Oh, deer!

The one-year-old cat was happily laying on the grass, minding her own business when the visitors approached her. Flambo watched the doe get closer but rather than be worried or disturbed by the approaching deer, Flambo let the deers get close to her.

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But it was what happened next that left Terri speechless. After staring at the cat for a few moments, the doe began licking her, just as she would a young deer. Flambo happily lay still and appeared to enjoy her unexpected cat bath.

Terri couldn’t believe her eyes and said, “She has become one with the deer. So they have now adopted her.” Fortunately, Terri was able to capture the incredible moment on film. 

We hope it’s the start of a beautiful friendship (and lots of free baths for Flambo).