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Adorable three-pawed kitten refuses to leave the woman who saved her life

Little grey kitten cat-happy
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When Pawly, a tiny grey kitten, was brought back from the brink she knew who she had to thank her rescuer and was determined not ever to leave that person's side.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 06/11/2020, 21:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

Pawly was one of four little kittens to arrive at a Las Vegas animal shelter in desperate need of help.

The three-pawed kitten was much smaller and weaker than her siblings and she was placed with a foster family by the shelter, Rescued Treasures Cat Café.

Little feline treasures

While her siblings started to flourish, Pawly was struggling. She began to decline, and things were starting to look bleak for the little feline. She was incredibly weak, and her health was fading fast. Patricia Lika, a volunteer feline fosterer with experience of looking after critically ill kittens, offered to give Pawly intensive one-to-one care.

The poor puss was extremely fragile and malnourished. At six weeks old, she weighed just half a pound. The kitten was also suffering from an upper respiratory infection and deficient blood levels. Pawly was put on antibiotics and given around the clock care.

Incredible transformation

But while her situation was looking desperate, Pawly was determined not to give up, and neither was Patricia. The dedicated foster mum made a special area for the kitten in her bedroom so she could constantly keep a close eye on her.

Adopting a rescue cat like Pawly can be a little different to other felines, so check out our guide on adopting rescue cats.

Slowly but surely, Pawly began to show signs of getting better.  Her new-found energy saw the kitten jumping and running around the room. Despite being born with only three paws, nothing will stop Pawly from clambering around the house and even playing hide and seek! But her very favourite thing is having cuddles with Patricia.

Pawly loves her life as an indoor cat and as if realising she has Patricia to thank for saving her life, she won't leave her foster mum's side, even when Patricia is having a shower!

She follows her everywhere around the house unless distracted by Patricia's dog and will follow him around instead like a tiny fluffy shadow! Check out this adorable video of Pawly playing:


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Posted by Fosterkittensvegas on Tuesday, September 29, 2020