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Watch: Giant Rottweiler's reaction to baby cuddling him will leave you speechless

When Vanessa Fernandes filmed her baby daughter and dog together, little did she know that she would capture a special moment that would take everyone's breath away.

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 28/10/2020, 09:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:24

We know that dogs make great family pets. But sometimes a bond will form between a dog and their young human sibling that is like no other. Something Vanessa Fernandes has discovered in her family.

Vanessa regularly posts photos and videos of Olivia, her eight-month-old daughter, on her Instagram. But it was a clip of Olivia together with the family Rottweiler, Hammer, that would be the post that would get everyone talking.

Gentle giant

Hammer's favourite spot in the house is by the window. He actually has his very own sofa where he loves to sit and watch the world outside. But while he likes some quiet time, his human sibling has other ideas. Olivia loves playing with Hammer, and the gentle giant is very patient with her.

Vanessa's friends and family were initially concerned about the couple getting a Rottweiler. But Vanessa has never worried about Olivia's safety. She feels Olivia is very safe with her big canine brother who she describes as trustworthy, gentle and obedient. He's also very protective of his little sister.

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If Olivia cries, Hammer goes straight to Vanessa and pulls her clothes until she follows him to her daughter. He also helps to keep her safe by running around her and checking she doesn't go near the door, especially when it opens and he even makes sure she doesn't touch any wires.

Instagram stars

To the soundtrack of James Arthur's song 'Say You Won't Let Go', you can see Hammer sitting on his red sofa as Olivia pulls herself up to stand next to him. Hammer then puts a protective paw around the little girl to keep her safe. As Olivia moves over to the window to look outside, Hammer leans into her, extending his paw around her, so she doesn't fall off the sofa.

The adorable clip has already had more than 2,000 likes, check it out below:


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