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Home owner's water bills increase every month; he's stunned when he finds out why

By Emilie Heyl Content Writer

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Curt's water bill increased every month and he couldn't understand why. But one day, he finally managed to unravel the mystery!

When Curt’s water bills started increasing every month, he first thought it was a mistake from the water company. However, as the water bill got higher and higher, he realised something wasn’t right. What was happening to his water bills?

After carrying out his little investigation, the suspect number 1 was… THE CAT!! Wait, what? How can the cat be the cause of his water bill increase you must think? Well, you’ll quickly find out how this curious feline cost a lot of extra money. 

A mystery solved

One day, Curt saw his cat, named Crazy Eyes, standing on the toilet seat. The feline used its front paws to activate the flush handle. It turns out that when the cat is bored, he flushes the toilet countless times a day while his owner is away. 

But, the cat was having so much fun that even when Curt was home, he would continue to play with the flush handle. Good thing Curt caught his cat’s cheeky occupations, he finally resolved the mystery of his water bills.

A guilty pleasure

Curt not only had to pay for his water bills which increased, but he also got scared. He wrote jokingly under his YouTube video: "When you hear someone flush the toilet when you're home alone is scary. Especially when you watch a scary movie".

Of course, the cat probably had no idea of what it was doing. Maybe he was just enjoying the fact that the flush handle was moving up and down.

Curt will need to find another way to entertain his cat, otherwise he’s going to have to keep paying big water bills. 

Yeah, our four-legged friends are extremely creative and very curious. That’s why we love them.

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