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Owner takes cat to vet after it becomes very clingy; diagnosis leaves her stunned

By Justine Seraphin Country Manager

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When Julie’s cat started becoming overly clingy, she thought something might be wrong. Usually, Zeus was quite an independent cat, and this behaviour was unlike him.

When she began noticing a significant change in her cat's behaviour, Julie wasted no time in taking Zeus to the vet, just like any good owner would.

Cat acting strange

Zeus had started following her around everywhere, staying close to her wherever she was, even at night! She thought he may be seriously ill and was trying to tell her something.

The vet didn’t notice anything particularly strange about Zeus’ physical health, but he did confirm that this sudden behaviour change was rooted in something deeper. On a hunch, he asked Julie whether she was pregnant.

Julie let out a resounding laugh of surprise, thinking this was completely impossible. But the thought didn’t leave her mind after that visit to the clinic, so just to be sure, she bought a pregnancy test on her way home.

Are cats psychic?

Lo and behold, the vet was right: Julie was pregnant! Zeus has known way before anyone else in the family, including the expectant mother herself! 

For the next nine months, Zeus followed Julie around like her shadow. And once baby Ivy was born, everything returned to “normal”. Zeus returned to being the independent kitty he was, and everyone got their intimacy back. 

Well, if that isn’t proof that cats have a sixth sense, we don’t know what it is!

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  • MomKatPat
    This shows that cats not only have a 6th Sense, but are very caring about their "family". How many people out there have had their cats cling to them when they were either sad, or ill? I bet most of us! I know our cats see us as their own tribe💖
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