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Puppy's hilarious first encounter with baby goat leaves everyone in stitches

By Ashley Murphy Content Writer

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Like most Golden Retrievers, 4-month old Bud will make friends with anyone, or anything. In fact, his latest best-friend-for life is a week old baby goat called Zoomer.

Bud lives in Philadelphia, USA, with his owner, Sean Cadden, and his family.

Bud meets his new pal

The Caddens recently added another member to the clan, a little goat called Zoomer.

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Sean didn't know how Bud would feel about this new addition. After all, Bud was used to being the number one furball in the house. So, how would he react to someone else stealing his limelight?

Sean introduced the pair to find out. And, luckily for us, he also filmed their first encounter. If you know anything about Golden Retrievers, you can probably guess how this went!

These big-hearted pooches are famously friendly, and Bud is no exception. There was no sign of jealousy or rivalry. Instead, Bud saw it as a chance to make a new best friend.

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Zoomer establishes some boundaries!

You could even say that Bud got a little overexcited. The video shows Bud in full zoomie mode, speeding around the room as he tries to play with the tiny goat.

Zoomer looks a little confused at first. But he soon starts to warm up to his dog brother's goofy antics. Bud then introduces Zoomer to another type of 'unique' dog behaviour - bum-sniffing! But little Zoomer doesn't seem that keen on this particular bonding experience!  Never mind, every friendship has its limits.

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