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‘Saddest cat’ Bruce Willis is unrecognisable after a year of being adopted

Rescue ginger cat cat-wow
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Little Bruce Willis was once the saddest cat in the world after a year of roaming the streets alone had taken its toll. But what a difference a year can make….

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 29/08/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:25

It’s not known how long Bruce Willis had been wandering the streets around Minnesota, but it was clear that the seven-year-old ginger cat had endured a hard life. His body was covered in scars, his teeth were chipped, his eye had been injured at some point and there were problems with his immune system.


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Hope for Bruce

Fortunately, things were about to change for the cat after he was taken to the Animal Humane Society. Cat lover Sandra heard about Bruce’s story via the shelter’s Facebook page. She immediately fell in love with him and began to regularly visit Bruce at the shelter. But when a month had gone by and he still hadn’t been adopted, she decided she would be the person to offer him a loving home. That is, once she had convinced her landlord to disregard the no-pets rule on her house!

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Purrfect year

A year on and Bruce Willis is a completely different cat. Sandra said that when she met him, he was the saddest cat she had ever seen. But now, Bruce Willis enjoys cuddles, tummy rubs and even walks in the snow.


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His fur has transformed from being dirty, rough and discoloured to bright and soft.

Now Sandra says that Bruce Willis is the happiest cat she knows.


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Sandra shared Bruce Willis’ story on TikTok, posting a special video to celebrate her year with him!

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