Puppy filmed by owner: Video goes viral because of one small detail

Little dog lying outside observing the rain dog-happy
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We are so used to seeing movies of dogs jumping and running around without a care in the world, but less so of dogs pondering life. Cue: Dongguan City’s canine sage.

By Nick Whittle

Published on the 10/06/2021, 06:30

Here, a snapshot of another facet of a dog’s personality. Last year in June the owner of a small dog filmed his pet lying on the ground, watching the world go by.

Nothing so unusual, perhaps, but at the time the rain was of monsoon proportions.

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Here lay the dog on the kerbside, its hind legs crossed, a spectator of the rain-washed comings and goings of Guangdong Province’s industrial heart.

2 million people watched this adorable video

With nearly 2 million views and 137,000 comments, the video, posted on Facebook, quickly went viral. First, because the dog is an example to follow and it is clear we want to sit by his side and enjoy this pleasant moment. But also, because we are more used to seeing dogs running around or asking for hugs rather than to lie down quietly and watch the rain fall.

Little Dog Loves Watching The Rain

This little guy loves to sit out and watch the rain in peace 🐶🌧️

Posted by LADbible on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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Not all of us are dog lovers, but a vast majority of us consider them as much a part of the family as our human relatives. But why? Is it a dog's ability to put us at ease when we feel troubled, with that knowing tilt of the head? Or is it their inbuilt want of us that then allows us the freedom to pour forth our ever-present want to love and to be loved upon their furry bonces? 

We say it is all of the above… and more!