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WATCH: Baby meets puppy and the results are adorable

We get that we’re a bit biased being a pet website and all, but is there anything cuter than a young baby meeting a new puppy? Take a look and see for yourself…

By Natasha James , 1 Aug 2020

Name something cuter than a brand-new puppy meeting her human sibling for the first time. We’ll wait… Nope, we thought not.

Get ready to giggle

In this delightful video we see nine-month-old baby Michael meeting his five-week-old French Bulldog sis Stella for the first time and the result are insanely cute.

As a very young puppy, Stella does little more than bounce around excitedly which is much to the delight of her big brother.

Baby Michael giggles and reaches out as the tiny pup does her thing. In fact, every time Stella moves, Michael has a fit of the baby giggles.

An internet sensation

Unsurprisingly, the video has had millions of hits on YouTube with people commenting that this looks like the start of a long and wonderful friendship.

Dog and baby mama, Brianna, has promised to post a video update soon and we’re already checking and re-checking the account. We can’t wait to see these two grow up together.

Remember, safety first

We love watching babies and pups playing happily together but it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t leave young children alone with dogs, no matter how happy the two seem to be together.

And anyway, if you left them alone, who would be there to capture all the adorable videos?

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