Tiny puppy escapes from kennel, has extraordinary encounter with huge dogs

black puppy sniffing blue merle great dane dog-wow

Dogs come in all sizes. However, we rarely get to see the really big dogs hanging out with the littlest pup on the block. But that's exactly what happened in this cute video!

By Ashley Murphy

Published on the 08/07/2020, 10:00, Updated on the 02/07/2021, 09:49

We all need someone to look up to! And when this tiny puppy spied a giant pooch playing nearby, he decided it was time to make a super-sized best friend for life.

Little and large

So the mini-pup wriggled out of his kennel at the MuttShack Animal Rescue Centre and headed straight for the big dog.

At first, rescue workers were unsure how this unlikely duo would get on.

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In fact, the big dog, a Great Dane called Sasha, looked slightly confused at first.

If Sasha could speak human, she would have said, "I didn't know they made us in this size!"

But after a few sniffs and licks, Sasha realised she had another pooch on her paws. She then decided to show the little fella what being a dog is all about!

Sasha led the pup around the yard and even introduced him to another big dog.

You've got a long way to go, but A for effort!

And then it was time for an advanced lesson in being a pooch: chasing squirrels! Sasha bounded after the squirrel, but because his legs are so tiny, the little guy just couldn't keep up!

Never mind! Maybe he'll have a better chance after those legs get a little bit bigger. Although compared to his giant canine mentor, he's got a long way to go.