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Owner hears water running, and can’t believe what she finds in the shower

shower head dog-happy
© Rossana Lombardo - Youtube

Sometimes, our pets do weird things that we simply can’t explain. But when this Newfie decided to take matters into his own 'paws' at bathtime, he must've beat some sort of record!

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 22/06/2020, 12:00, Updated on the 08/02/2021, 13:27

When this owner heard water running in her bathroom, she was very perplexed. After all, she was the only one home, apart from her giant Newfie, Phantom.

One independent doggo

So, she headed up to the bathroom to see what was going on, and could not believe her eyes when she saw it: Phantom had decided to take a shower all on his lonesome! Somehow, he had managed to turn on the tap so as to enjoy a relaxing and cleansing shower. He stood under the water like a statue, letting it trickle down his coat and clean his thick fur.

Now, we’re aware some dogs are independent, but taking a shower alone? That’s a whole new level! We’re very impressed.

Water dogs

It’s no surprise that Phantom loves a good shower. Newfoundlands were bred to work in water – years ago as net retrievers, and today as rescue dogs. So if there’s anything they love more than their human companions, it’s a good bath!

We think Phantom’s mum better start closing the bathroom door if she doesn’t want her water bills to skyrocket!

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