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Watch: Dog sees something in his front garden and starts barking angrily

dog looking through window dog-wow
© Samantha Ng - YouTube

Lupe Johnson was going about her everyday chores when she heard her dog barking angrily. She then realised he was staring at something out the window.

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 18/01/2020, 19:00, Updated on the 20/01/2020, 10:50

When she realised what her pooch was barking at, she immediately got her camera out and started filming.

A unique encounter

Indeed, it was quite a rare and beautiful scene that was unfolding in her front garden. A gorgeous red fox had found a dog toy in the grass, and had started to play with it!

Evidently Lupe’s dog was not very happy with this. That’s his favourite toy after all! 

But despite his threatening growls, the fox doesn’t seem to care much (if at all) that he is being closely observed by the owner of the toy. He just keeps playing happily with it, throwing it into the air and pouncing on it as if it were prey!

Viral video

The amazing video evidently went viral in no time. It has already been viewed over 3million times, with people all over the world leaving comments:

“Very privileged to see a fox at play in this way…best things in life are free,” writes one user.

“Nature at it’s best!”, comments another.

Safety first

Though it is a rare thing to see a fox in a UK garden, it is much more common in Canada, where this video was filmed. 

Despite this, responsible dog owners never let their dogs out when wild animals are around: this could prove dangerous for both pets and wildlife. 

Best to keep them behind closed doors – no matter how much they want to go out and play too!