Cat is impossible to find amongst the owls: Do YOU see it?

cat hiding amongst owls cat-wow

Owls, owls, nothing but owls! But wait – there's another animal hiding within the group of feathered friends…it is hard to spot though! Can you see it?

By Justine Seraphin

Published on the 25/07/2021, 07:30

This sure was a tough one – it may take a few minutes for you to find!

But the little intruder is somewhere in there, we promise!


Find the cat among the owls within 30 secs!!??

Posted by Transcend Thailand on Monday, June 12, 2017

Hiding animals

Animals hiding in plain sight are a popular topic on the internet, and these type of photos always end up going viral! Whether it's a cat hiding in a pile of leaves, or a dog hiding on the carpet, these amazing photos keep us guessing and that's what we love about them.

The most recent one we wrote about was a photograph of a large shepherd dog hiding amongst his herd of sheep – almost imperceptible at first glance!

Sure, the one we're showing you here is not a photo – it's a drawing – but we bet you still haven't found the odd one out!


Ok, if you're still struggling, we'll give you a hint. The animal in question is a cat. A tabby cat, to be precise. And it's located on the left side of the picture.


Still don't see it? Here it is:

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We'll admit, this one's a toughie. A cat's mouth, nose, and eyes wouldn't actually look like that in real life. But the search game is still fun to play.

Were you able to find it before we gave the answer away? If you were, well done! You have very sharp eyesight!