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Can you spot the cat in the leaf pile in less than 10 seconds?

Tortoiseshell cat disappears in leaves cat-wow
© Rosemary Frank - Facebook/Pixabay

A photo of a little tortoiseshell cat who completely disappears into the colours and textures of a pile of leaves has got the internet bewildered. Where is she?

By Zoë Monk

Published on the 24/03/2021, 06:30

Cat owner Avery Shrader was in her garden raking up leaves when she came up with her a fun idea for her beloved feline. She raked all the leaves together and then invited her tortoiseshell cat called Lion out into the garden to play in it.

Avery was delighted to see her cat enjoy the leaves and took a photo of little Lion having fun rolling around in the leaves.

Where is Lion?

It was only the next day when she thought about the photo that she went to have a look at it. But much to her confusion, Avery couldn’t spot the cat anywhere in the photo. Neither could anyone else she showed the photo to.

“Most people I showed couldn’t find her since she blends right in,” Avery told The Dodo. "Even my dog couldn't sniff her out when they were playing in the leaves together!”

Can you spot her?

The photo Avery took certainly shows a big pile of leaves, but where is Lion?

Lion’s mottled coat is a mix of red, black, orange a little white and purrfectly matches the colours of autumn leaves. So Lion could disappear in the photo.

Attention seeker

While Lion likes to use her expert camouflage ability to confuse her humans, she also doesn’t like to be ignored.

“Lion’s favourite hobby is ... laying on the stairs so she can bite you when you step on her,” Avery said. "She also likes hissing at my other pets for fun."

If you still can’t see her, try looking into the centre of the leaf pile. We promise she is there!