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Rescue’s longest resident waits patiently as everyone walks past her at adoption event

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When Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) attended a mega adoption event, they had high hopes of finding homes for their longest residents.

Among them was Baby Girl, a pittie mix who had been at the shelter since February 2024 after a Good Samaritan rescued her from a busy road.

Searching for a forever home

Despite her loving nature, the 9-year-old dog had not found a permanent home. Volunteers and staff adored her, noting her gentle demeanour and compatibility with other dogs. Su Morrison, a dedicated volunteer, even fostered Baby Girl, providing a much-needed break from the noisy shelter environment.

Having Baby in our home is a pleasure,” Su shared on Facebook. “She’s such a happy girl and a total goofball.”

Hoping to find her a forever home, OCAS brought Baby Girl to the adoption event in May. Unfortunately, potential adopters overlooked her, and she returned to her foster home feeling defeated.

Foster fail

However, Baby Girl's story took a joyful turn. Finally, on June 11, 2024, her foster mum officially adopted her. Now, Baby Girl enjoys walks, car rides, and endless affection from her new family.

Another foster fail, another happy dog,” Su commented on Facebook, celebrating the happy ending for OCAS’s longest resident.

Congratulations, Baby Girl!

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