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Watch: Malamute's hilarious attempt to avoid bath time has people in stitches

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Phil may love getting his paws wet in nature, regularly taking a dip in lakes and streams. But when it comes to bath time, everything changes!

Alaskan Malamute Phil may be a giant among dogs, but when a bath is on the horizon, he becomes the biggest baby. 
This crafty canine has found many ways to outsmart his owners, who recently shared his adorable antics to YouTube. 

"If I can't see you, you can't see me"  

As soon as Phil hears the bath running, a game of hide and seek begins. But because of his size, he finds it hard to fit in his favourite hiding spaces. 

Squeezing into a corner of the bathroom, Phil crouches quietly on the floor. He clearly feels invisible, but the trick doesn't quite achieve what he was hoping for. 

Then it's on to Mia, the human baby of the family. A fraction of his size, Phil delicately crouches down behind her chair. 

"Come on Phillip", exclaims his exasperated owner, unsure what to try next. 

The only solution

Thankfully, her husband is ready and waiting to lift Phil into the bath tub. 

Struggling with the weight of such a big boy, he finally manages to get him in the bath, where the bedragled dog stands waiting for it all to be over. 

The video has had dog lovers around the world in stitches. And with over 2.2 million views, it quickly became an internet sensation. 

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