Marathon runner with German Pointer Brady
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Watch: Heartwarming moment dog joins his mum to finish marathon together

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Emily always knew the had the best running buddy in her furry friend Brady. When she decided to run a marathon, there was no way she could do it without him.

Emily Fisher has always loved running with German Shorthaired Pointer Brady by her side. 

Then, following a divorce, the dynamic duo decided to embark on their most challenging running adventure yet. 

Intensive training 

Brady had always been an excellent companion to Emily, stretching when she stretched and following her step by step. 

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So when she decided to take on a full marathon, she knew she had the best support she could ask for. 

From the videos the runner shared to TikTok, Brady clearly loved the runs, bounding along happily next to his owner. 

Marathon day 

By the time the day of the marathon came around, Emily felt confident she had trained to the best of her ability. In part, thanks to her devoted canine companion. 

Dogs may not have been allowed to run the marathon itself, but Emily and her brother came up with an ingenious way to let Brady celebrate the end of the race. 

As Emily approached the finish line, Mike dropped Brady's lead, leaving him free to join in. 

"I don't know if this was allowed", wrote Emily, "but Brady deserved to cross that finish line just as much as I did". 

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