Dog groomer working with a Siberian Husky

Video of dog groomer handling Husky leaves millions of viewers shocked

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When the video was first posted on social media, nobody could work out what was going on. Now, it's been viewed over 8 million times in just 2 days.

When the images were first shared by @picturesfolder on X, viewers were perplexed by what was going on. 

Why was the groomer wearing a net on her head, and what was the viral video all about? 

A strange scene 

At first glance, the groomer looks as if she's got a bag on her head, or some sort of mysterious green netting. 

It's only when she gets to work grooming the Husky, that everything becomes clear. 

Fur, fur and more fur 

"What it's like deshedding a Husky", reads the video caption, which shows the groomer taking a hoover to the dog's fur. 

Fur begins to blow in all directions, and the reason for the groomer's headwear immediately becomes obvious. This is the only way she is able to carry on working, without Husky fur ending up all over her face and in her eyes. 

The clip has now been viewed a staggering 8.6 million times, with hundreds of comments from followers and fellow-owners around the world. 

Huskies are known for their very thick double coat, that sheds heavily at certain times of year. Thankfully, this clever groomer has found a way around it! 

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