Adopted dog walks into new home

Rescue dog takes first step in forever home; his reaction is priceless (video)

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The moment a newly adopted rescue dog steps into his forever home for the first time is captured on video and makes for heartwarming viewing. 

It's no wonder the touching footage has gone viral.

Heartwarming reaction

In the video, the dog named Theo is seen calmly exploring his new surroundings, his tail wagging incessantly with excitement.

The dog gazes at the camera with big, hopeful eyes, seemingly confirming his newfound place in the world. Despite reassurances from his new family, the dog appears stunned by the realisation that this home is truly his own.

The video's caption, "I can only imagine how overwhelming that first day was for him", reflects the challenges newly adopted pets face when adjusting to their new home.

In Theo's case, his tail continued to wag as he explored his new home, perhaps as a sign of gratitude for his newfound security and love.

Happy ending for Theo

According to his new owners, Theo didn't fully adjust to his new life immediately as he was still healing from past experiences. However, the family allowed him the time and space to adjust gradually. 

The video has amassed nearly a million views and thousands of likes and comments. Viewers couldn't resist sharing their own adoption stories while stressing the importance of patience, love and understanding.

We hope Theo is loving life with his new family and is finally able to put the past behind him.

@_athenaa__ I can only imagine how overwhelming that first day was for him 🥺 #rescuedog #adoption #home #family #newenglandtravel #happy #dogsoftiktok @Nicholas Disanto ♬ Beautiful Things - Benson Boone
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