Ginger cat helping firefighters

Heroic cat approaches scene of accident and changes firefighter's life forever

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When firefighters arrived at the scene of a car accident in Colorado, they were surprised to see a stray ginger cat emerge to lend a paw.

South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) joined paramedics at the scene of a serious accident on a busy interstate. But to everyone's surprise, the hero of the hour was a ginger cat who seemed determined to help. 

Fearless feline

Despite the humans having everything under control, the cat was determined that they needed his help and seemed unphased by all the drama around him.
After strolling around the accident site, the cat jumped into the back of the ambulance to see if he could help the injured patient. 

But, given that the paramedics had more medical training than the ginger feline, they didn't need his help either.

However, before the cat could attempt driving the ambulance, the firefighters put him in a pet carrier and took him to Dumb Friends League, a local animal shelter.

Happy ending

But even after two weeks had passed, firefighter Andrew Becker couldn't stop thinking about the cat. So, he headed to the shelter to adopt him, naming him Hazi in honour of his hazmat team.

Now settled into his new home, Hazi spends his days enjoying life with his new family while remaining ever-vigilant for potential emergencies. Fortunately, he doesn't need to respond to any more accidents. 

Still, his bravery has left a lasting impression on Andrew and his fellow firefighters, earning him the title of feline first responder.

Well done, Hazi!

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