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No one wants 17 year old cat until a chance encounter changes her life (video)

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After enduring five years in a shelter that included a heartbreaking return by her adopters, an adorable 17 year old cat has finally found her forever home.

The cat thought her wait was over when a family agreed to adopt her. But sadly, they soon changed their mind and returned her to the shelter. 

Love at first sight

But then everything changed when the cat, nicknamed Gramma Kitty, won the heart of Grace Antonczak when she visited the Toledo Humane Society in Ohio, USA.

Grace felt an instant connection with the elderly lady cat and was determined to give her the loving home she deserved in her remaining years.

While spending five years in a shelter meant it took Gramma Kitty a little while to settle in, she has proven to be a very friendly and sweet cat.

Viral video

Grace’s TikTok video announcing the adoption quickly went viral, attracting over 2.8 million views and 536,000 likes. 

In the comments, people praised Grace for her compassion and dedication to giving Gramma Kitty a happy ending. One commenter even thanked her on behalf of the cat, saying, "Thank you for giving this beautiful girl a loving home for her golden years."

Grace hopes her story and the overwhelming response inspires others to consider adopting older animals.


Name ideas?? So excited to bring her into the family. 🫶🏼

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