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Mistreated puppy arrives at shelter; a year on, he's never left his kennel

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Joyeux was just a six-month-old puppy when he arrived at the Savoie SPA shelter alongside four other pups following an animal cruelty investigation.

Now aged one and a half, Joyeux is still at the shelter waiting for a loving family to adopt him.

Joyeux by name, Joyeux by nature

Remarkably, despite what he's been through, Joyeux (meaning merry or cheerful) lives up to his name and is a very happy and friendly pup. 

But sadly, potential adopters visiting the shelter continue to overlook the loveable dog. While it bewilders shelter staff that visitors constantly ignore him, they wonder whether his long ears put people off. 

Nevertheless, Joyeux is a lovely canine companion. The shelter shared a Facebook post explaining that the dog is excellent on walks and enjoys romping in the shelter's play area. 

Searching for a happy ending

Yet unsurprisingly, his past experiences have left him sensitive and fearful of the unknown, requiring patient and caring owners who are willing to help him overcome his fears and become a well-adjusted pet.

The shelter adds that Joyeux thrives in the company of other dogs and could benefit from sharing his life with a confident canine companion who can help boost his self-confidence.

This lovable pup deserves a forever family who will give him the love, care, and understanding he needs to flourish. 

We hope he doesn't have to wait much longer to find the happy ending he deserves.

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