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Mixed reviews after Alison Hammond presents For the Love of Dogs for the first time

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Fans of For the Love of Dogs were worried about what the show would like after Paul O’Grady’s passing in March 2023.

In February 2024, Alison Hammond, co-host on This Morning, confirmed she would be taking over as host of For the Love of Dogs.

Alison Hammond: not right for the role?

This announcement was met with a lot of negativity from fans of the show, who felt that Alison could never fill Paul’s shoes. Common criticisms included that she was too loud, that she didn’t even own dogs, and that she just wasn’t right for the role.

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There was a lot of anticipation yesterday as Alison presented for the very first time. Reviews are mixed, with some saying she did a great job and others vowing they’ll never watch the show again.

"@AlisonHammond For the Love of Dogs! You are absolutely Smashing it, girl. Danny (our rescue greyhound) & I knew you would ❤️,", said one.

"I’m shocked just got home to see alison hammond as a replacement for Paul O’Grady......NO WAY!! whoever made this choice needs to see a shrink….’;", wrote another.

Hammond’s dignified response

Alison has responded to the criticism with as much calm as possible.

In an interview, she said, "Trolls will be trolls and I'll still do what I do best, which is TV presenting and you'll see for yourself, I think it's authentic and I loved doing it. If you don't want to watch it, don't watch it. That's what I would say to those trolls: 'Don't watch it then. If you don't want to help Battersea, don't watch it'."

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