Black dog in kennels and running in half-marathon

Boomer couldn't stop running in circles until he started running in half-marathons

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Shelter dog who ran in circles for 4 years now trains to run marathons (video)

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Boomer would run in circles for hours in his kennel until he met Jessica and found the perfect outlet for his endless energy.

Jessica heard about Boomer through watching a video of him on social media.

Running in circles

Boomer had been living at an animal shelter for the last four years and had spent most of that time running in circles.

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Jessica, an avid athlete, couldn’t stop thinking about Boomer and his boundless energy and decided to adopt him, determined to provide him with the right type of outlet for his exuberance.

Their bond was instant. On the day she took him home, Boomer was so excited he eagerly jumped into the back of her car.

While his relentless energy may put off other owners, Jessica thought he was the perfect match for her high energy. They started going out together on runs, skateboarding and cycling sessions. And as Jessica trained for her annual half-marathons, Boomer naturally became her running companion.

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Marathon runner

When the LA half-marathon came around, Jessica couldn’t resist sneaking Boomer in. While dogs aren’t supposed to participate, Jessica snuck him in on the fourth mile, and the pair completed the race together.

Seeing how the right home had positively transformed Boomer, Jessica was inspired to set up Boomer’s Buddies Rescue, where she cares for a variety of animals. From dogs and cats to tortoises and chickens, Boomer happily lends a paw to help.

Boomer’s story shows that even for the most overlooked and unwanted dogs, someone somewhere would be the perfect owner, it could even be you.

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