Two Chihuahuas - one missing an eye
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Chihuahuas search for second chance after one loses an eye in terrible accident

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Two adorable little Chihuahuas in the Spanish city of Granada are desperately searing for a loving home together after enduring a heartbreaking past.

The dogs are currently in the care of Animales sin Suerte who are very keen for the duo to stay together.

Lost an eye

The male of the pair sadly lost an eye in an accident where another dog headbutted him in his previous home. Now, the shelter hopes to find the pair a stable and loving home where they can live the life they deserve.

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The dogs are believed to be around five years old and described as affectionate, but they desperately need a fresh start. 

Animales sin Suerte shared a post on their Facebook page about the Chihuahuas, urging families interested in adopting them to adopt them together. The dogs share a strong bond, undoubtedly forged through their shared traumatic experiences.

Search for a loving family

Dog lovers couldn’t resist commenting on the post, gushing over how cute the dogs are and how lucky the person who adopts them will be.

But while the male Chihuahua bears the brunt of the physical trauma, it’s clear that both pups need a caring family to help them with their emotional healing. These Chihuahua chums are all ready to start and a new chapter and eagerly await a home where they can live life to the full while leaving their troubled past far behind.

Good luck, pups; we hope you find a new home very soon!

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  • Jelena74
    Pupi stay alone after mrvica death, will be happy to have new friends. Call us.
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