Abandoned dog in shelter

Heartbroken dog waits behind shelter gate for family to come back for her (video)

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Abandoned by her family for the second time in her five-year life, Malvi's confusion and disorientation are captured in a heart-wrenching video.

The little white dog found herself stranded behind the closed door of ALOIA Protectora de Animais de Tui, an animal shelter in Pontevedra.

Confused and anxious

In the video filmed by shelter staff, Malvi is seen barking anxiously, seemingly confused about what is happening. She appears to wag her tail timidly as if seeking comfort or support from the other shelter dogs. 

The video attracted a wave of both sympathy and anger when it was shared online.

Serious issue of pet abandonment 

One commenter summed up what most people felt by expressing their frustration at the recurring issue of pet abandonment. They questioned why people adopt animals if they are unwilling or unable to commit to them.

Meanwhile, the shelter vows to support Malvi through her ordeal. They acknowledge the difficult days ahead as she adjusts to shelter life once again. Despite the challenges, they hope to find her a loving and permanent home.

Good luck, Malvi!

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