Mouse sitting on ginger mother cat

This mother cat decided to adopt a little mouse.

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People stunned to see what kind of animal this mother cat decides to adopt (video)

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When Angela went to check on her cat who had recently had a litter, she got the surprise of her life when she saw a little mouse nestled among the kittens.

The mother cat didn’t seem to have any qualms about adding the tiny rodent to her new little family.

Heartwarming viral video

Videos shared on TikTok of the unique bond between a mother cat and mouse quickly went viral, amassing more than 16 million views.

While the kittens seemed initially confused by the strange addition, the mother cat remained unphased, even allowing the mouse to share meals with her and her babies.

Perhaps it’s because the cat’s maternal instincts are in overdrive or because this mother cat is one unique feline. It’s fairly unusual for ginger cats to be female, with most (80%) typically being male. But whatever the reason, it certainly made heartwarming viewing.

Sad ending

While many viewers were quick to comment on the cuteness of this unlikely interspecies friendship, some raised concerns about the possibility that the mouse’s unusual bravery was caused by toxoplasmosis, a parasitic disease transmitted through cat faeces. This disease can affect animal behaviour, making them less fearful of predators. 

Sadly, this sweet story eventually took a tragic turn when Angela’s other cat displayed aggression toward the mouse and ate it. Hopefully, having five kittens still to care for meant the mother cat wasn’t too upset by her tiny friend’s sad end.

RIP mouse.

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