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Puppy reunites with human brother and his reaction makes hearts melt (video)

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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When this adorable puppy met his brother, it was love at first sight. Now he meets him after school each day, eagerly awaiting their heartwarming reunion.

There's nothing as beautiful as the bond between a child and a dog, as this heartwarming clip just goes to show. 

Golden Retriever puppy Lucky was captured on camera as he waited for his human brother to finish school, in a video that has touched the hearts of thousands around the world. 

An unbreakable bond

As he waits for Luke to finish school, 14-week-old Lucky's excitement is palpable. Wagging his tail frantically and staring out of the window, he just can't wait to see his favourite person. 

Luke seems equally happy to be reunited, walking towards the car with the biggest smile on his face. 

As soon as Luke is sitting down, there's no stopping the happy puppy, who clambers into his lap and starts offering lots of kisses.

"A boy and his dog", commented one viewer, while another responded, "Goldens are made from pure love and excitement". 

The viral video

Luke and Lucky's video has now been viewed 1.8 million times, with hundreds of people leaving messages of support for the "dynamic duo". 

The adorable pair are clearly destined to be best friends for life, sharing lots of fun adventures as they grow up together. 

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