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Cat comforts Kate Beckinsale as she stays in hospital amid concerns for her health

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Kate Beckinsale's recent hospital stay has raised concerns among her fans, as the actress shared poignant snapshots from her bedside.

The 50-year-old star, known for her eclectic personality, took to Instagram to commemorate both Mother's Day and her mother Judy Loe's birthday. However, her posts from the hospital bed hinted at underlying health issues, sparking worry among her followers. 

Furry companions bring comfort

Amidst the uncertainty, Kate's spirits were lifted by the presence of her cherished pets. A heartwarming visit from her cat and her Pomeranian, Myf, provided a much-needed source of comfort during her hospital stay. 

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Through candid snapshots shared on social media, Kate showcased the unwavering support she receives from her furry friends, who are an immense part of her life. In fact, she posts pictures of her pets regularly! 

A mysterious health issue

The reason for Kate Beckinsale's mysterious hospital stay has not been revealed. Fans across the globe are worried.

"Are you OK? Why are you in a hospital? Please get well soon", commented one. 

"Kate, are you okay??? Why the photos in the hospital bed??? What’s wrong", asked another.

While we don't know why Beckinsale is in hospital nor when she will be out, we do know one thing. She's finding a lot of comfort and strength in her pets. As many of us do. We wish her a speedy recovery!

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