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The saddest dog at the shelter: Azorek can't understand why he was abandoned

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Azorek lived with his owner until his whole world turned upside down and he ended up at the pound. Will he ever find his second chance at happiness? 

The pound environment is stressful for any dog, but it can be particularly difficult for those that have been used to life in a home. 

This was the case for poor little Azorek, who ended up at the pound after his owner was arrested. 

Tiny and all alone 

The clip, which was shared by the rescue group that took Azorek in, shows the poor pup sitting at the back of his kennel, trembling and cowering in fear. 

At 10-years-old this is all a huge change for the senior boy, and with many other dogs barking in the background, it's clearly a shocking change in environment for him. 

A second chance

Shelter staff decided to share his heartbreaking video, to help find his new family. 

"What wonderful eyes, just so sad and terrified", commented one viewer. 

Now watched over 21 thousand times, the clip will hopefully reach the right person quickly, so Azorek can move on to a loving, forever home. 

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