Senior Pitbull before and after rescue
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18-year-old Pitbull about to be euthanised gets a second chance at life (video)

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An 18-year-old neglected Pitbull narrowly escaped being put to sleep thanks to the kindness and quick actions of a stranger.

Chrissy was at a local shelter when she first spotted Seymour and simply couldn’t ignore his heartbreaking condition. The Pitbull was clearly sick and had been severely neglected by its owner.

Saving Seymour

Rather than see him be put to sleep, Chrissy was determined to do whatever she could to help Seymour and give him a second chance. At her shelter, Chrisy began to give Seymour the care he so desperately needed

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Remarkably, despite his age, condition and the ordeal he’d been through, Seymour proved to be a fighter with a love for life. Seymour transformed from despair to delight under Chrissy’s care to everyone’s amazement. 

He embraced each moment with joy, affection, and newfound adventures, proving that age and neglect couldn’t dim his spirit. 

Remarkable transformation

Over a year on from almost losing his life, Seymour has blossomed into a cherished member of Chrissy’s family.

For Chrissy, Seymour is much more than just a rescued dog; he symbolises hope and the transformative power of love. As Chrissy aptly says, 

“His indestructible spirit reminds me every day that there is always hope and that love conquers all.”
@chrissyfnf I can’t believe today marks 1 year with you. January 11th last year I watched your owner dragging you toward the shelter door. Your old legs couldn’t keep up and you were so confused clinging to who you thought was your person . The rotting skin and tumors smelled so bad you actually were clearing out the lobby area.There was no way I would let your old bones go lay on that floor to die alone. I was only at the shelter to help my friend finish up our other intakes we were taking from that shelter quickly. I was there just at the right moment and our hearts were absolutely meant to be. You could hardly walk and your face was infected from the growths being untreated. I will never forget your face looking up at me while I was kicking off my favorite heels in the parking lot because your big self couldn’t walk any further - I had to carry you. You stared at me like what are you even doing? you look crazy- no way you can carry me .. You had no clue the amount of times I would carry you over the next year. The vets told me maybe even only a few days but removing those masses was only way to make you comfy.. so we did it. I brought you home and promised to show you all the things I wish you had before. My mission to save your heart started … little did I know you would save me instead. Pappy seymour this year has been the biggest gift to me. You have become the face that greets me every time I get home. You wait for me like I am your whole world. We became best friends. I so badly longed to have holidays and celebrate with you. I prayed about it a lot. I can’t believe we have now had them all. My prayers were answered. Today marks 1 full year. We have done it all. You celebrated every one of our family birthdays stealing bites of cake always , you dressed up with the kids for Halloween, we snuggled by the Christmas tree with cookies. Every single moment this year you have made my life so much better. I am yours and you are mine. Best friends forever. Here’s to a year seymour ❤️ I pray for so many more memories. I ask today if everyone could donate $1 in honor of his 1 year to help our rescue. 💰Venmo:‘forgottennowfamily 💰PayPal: #hospice #fosteringsaveslives #myguy #youandme #dontbullymybreed❤ #pittiesoftiktok #forgottennowfamilyrescue ♬ You and Me - Eldar Kedem
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