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After 7 years waiting for a family, chance encounter changes dog's life forever

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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From the day she was abandoned, it seemed luck was never really on Ginger's side. Until one day, she met a man who would change the course of her life.

When she was brought into the Dogwood Animal Shelter, Missouri, in 2013, staff hoped that Ginger would quickly find a home. 

But her abandonment had clearly taken its toll, leaving the poor pup anxious and wary of people. 

Years of waiting

For the better part of a decade, Ginger sat and watched as other dogs found their forever homes. 

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Over time, speckles of grey started to appear on her face and muzzle. After 7 years in kennels, she was no longer the hopeful youngster that had first arrived. In her place was a senior girl, resigned to her life in rescue.

A gesture of solidarity

Thankfully, help was on its way, in the form of Scott Poore, of Mission Driven. 

Working to help connect long-term shelter animals with their families, when Scott heard Ginger's story, he knew he couldn't look the other way. 

He set out to tell her story to anyone who would listen, urgently appealing for the right home to come forward. 

People started sharing Ginger's story far and wide, and with numerous applications to help her, Dogwood Animal Shelter got to work finding the right home. 

Her perfect match was there, in the form of Beth. Experienced and understanding, Beth was ready to give Ginger the home she so desperately needed. Now, Ginger is making up for lost time, enjoying all the cuddles and playtime she missed out on before.

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