Family welcome new puppy; millions in stitches at older dog's reaction (video)

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When Kalin Rodgers excitedly welcomed a new puppy into the family, it’s fair to say that her older dog was less than thrilled about the newcomer.

Kalin from North Carolina shared videos on her TikTok account capturing her senior dog Oliver’s hilarious disapproval of the new puppy named Maverick, a Labrador and German shorthair pointer mix. 

Not impressed with the new arrival

In one clip, Oliver stubbornly refuses to leave the car after Maverick’s arrival, making no effort to hide his clear disdain for the new addition.

The viral video, which has achieved over 2.9 million views and 390,000 likes, showcases Oliver’s comedic reactions, earning him sympathy and support from viewers who side with the disgruntled pup.

Despite Oliver’s initial reluctance, Kalin remains hopeful that he will warm up to Maverick, saying there have been the occasional cuddling sessions and playful moments between the two dogs.

Hilarious comments

@kalinrodgers11 Oliver is PAW-SATIVELY not a fan… meanwhile peep my husband picking up 💩 in the yard😅 #dogsoftiktok #puppylove #fyp #tantrumdog #huskysoftiktok #funnydog #dramaticdog ♬ original sound - Ollie & Maverick

Kalin never expected the video to gain such rapid attention but enjoyed seeing the humorous reactions from her followers. 

Commenters empathised with Oliver’s perspective, joking about his desire to “drive the puppy back to where it came from” and comparing his reaction to older siblings encountering a new family member.

Introducing an older dog to a new puppy requires patience and careful supervision to ensure a smooth transition. Experts recommend introducing them to each other in a neutral environment and monitoring their interactions closely, allowing both to have breaks if they start to seem overwhelmed.

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