Pitbull mix tied to bench
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Pitbull mix left tied to a bench longs for someone to save him

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Abandoned, distressed and tied to a park bench, an adorable pit bull mix hoped that someone would eventually come to his rescue and end his misery.

The giant Pitbull mix, later named Gordough, was in a pitiful state when rescuers from the Austin Humane Society (AHS) discovered him tied to a park bench.

Required urgent care

The poor dog was visibly sick and in need of urgent care when he was found. But despite the ordeal he’d gone through, Gordough wagged his tail with excitement when he realised the rescuers were there to help him.

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He was quickly taken to a local animal shelter, where it was found that he was suffering from severe skin and eye infections, requiring medicated baths and treatment.

At the shelter, Gordough soon became a firm favourite among staff. Described as a sweet and gentle giant, Gordough’s patient demeanour won over the hearts of his rescuers.

Social media star

With the help of the 15/10 Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting medically needy shelter dogs, Gordough received the necessary medical attention. His story went viral on social media, leading to an outpouring of support.

After finding a foster home where he could continue his recovery, Gordough’s charm captivated his foster family. They soon decided to make him a permanent member of their household.

A month after his rescue, Gordough was officially adopted and is now living a life filled with love and comfort. Despite his difficult past, Gordough’s resilient spirit shines as he enjoys cuddles, playtime, and the affection of his new family.

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