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Rescue dog left heartbroken after brother was adopted: Shelter makes urgent plea

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Stillwater Animal Welfare in Oklahoma were called in to rescue two dogs that had been abandoned. It was clear the pair had a very special bond. 

Stillwater Animal Welfare is often called in to rescue dogs that have strayed from their family, caring for them until they can be reunited. 

But when they took in two young dogs that had been reportedly running through the streets of Oklahoma, nobody came to claim them. 

A heartwarming bond

The pair were named Bonnie and Clyde by shelter staff, who quickly worked out that they must be siblings. They had been together through everything life had thrown at them, and their bond to each other was remarkable.

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In kennels, they clearly looked to each other for support. But shelter staff knew that they stood a much better chance of getting adopted separately, so they made the difficult decision to advertise them alone. 

Plea for help

Clyde was adopted very quickly, leaving Bonnie all alone. The poor pup completely shut down, desperately missing the comfort of having her brother nearby. 

Having witnessed the heartbreaking sight of her curled up in her kennel, shelter staff decided to launch an urgent plea for help. 

Their post was shared over 2,000 times, with hundreds of people offering to help. Over the course of the weekend, Bonnie was lucky enough to find a wonderful home, and she left her kennel as soon as the  shelter opened on Monday morning. 

"She's already settling in", commented her new family on the original post. "She's going to have the best life full of adventures with her blue heeler mix big sis". 

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