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Rottweiler turns white overnight: Owners stunned by vet's diagnosis

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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The owners of this Rottweiler couldn't believe their eyes when their dog suddenly turned white. They rushed her to the vet to try to find some answers...

On Facebook page I Love Veterinary Medicine Siobhan Valenski recently shared a story that has touched the hearts of people around the world. 

In an extremely unusual case, vets had to work out why this Rottweiler's fur had unexpectedly turned white. 


Vets immediately diagnosed the Rottweiler with Vitiligo. 

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People were quick to respond, curious to find out how long the owners waited to take their canine companion to the vet, and whether or not the condition is specific to certain breeds. 

Experts explained that very few dogs are affected by Vitiligo, a pigmentation disorder resulting in the formation of white patches of fur. 

Worldwide support 

The post, which has now been shared 70,000 times on Facebook, received numerous comments from admirers and supporters. "Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful pup. I am so glad this condition has no major health concerns", wrote one viewer. 

"Vitiligo markins are amazing! Those dogs look so otherworldly and magical", responded another. "Thank you so much for this photo of a beautiful and very sweet looking pup!"

If your dog develops white or pink spots around his nose, eyes or mouth, it's always advisable to see a veterinarian. 

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