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Potentially adopters don't seem interested in Fryga - but why?

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Two puppies seek a home, but only one interests people for the saddest of reasons

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Two puppies are searching for a home, but while both are equally adorable only one is getting attention from potential adopters and the reason why is shocking.

The precious puppies, Fryga and Finek, are in the care of the Polish animal rights association, the Nobody’s Animals Foundation, known as Fundacja Zwierzęta Niczyje in Poland.

No one wants Fryga

But despite their similar upbringing, the sad reality is that Finek, with his beautiful white coat, captures the attention of potential adopters. Meanwhile, Fryga, with her beautiful black fur, remains overlooked.

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The Foundation took to Facebook to express their concern, noting, “A lot of questions about Finek and none about Fryga. Please look at this wonderful, rough-haired lady.”

Since they arrived at their temporary home, both puppies have been actively developing their social skills with people and other animals. They are cheerful, well-socialised pups and obedient to commands. 

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Bias against black-coated dogs

However, the heartbreaking truth is that Fryga is struggling to find a home all because of the colour of her coat. Remarkably, there is a common bias against black dogs, with people tending to prefer their fluffy white counterparts.

However, the Foundation is determined to help Fryga find a loving home and explains that she has a loveable character, describing her as a genuine cuddler who adores human contact. 

Here are the adorable pups:

We hope someone will finally take notice of her lovely personality and give Fryga the loving home she deserves.

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