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Inseparable canine duo refuse to leave spot where they last saw owners

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When residents grew concerned about two little dogs wandering around the neighbourhood, a heartbreaking story would soon be revealed.

The two little dogs were spotted constantly walking back and forth to the same area in the street. Neighbours tried to offer the pups food and shelter, but the dogs refused their offers of help. So instead, they prepared a bed, food and water for the dogs right on the street, where the dogs didn’t want to leave.

Rescue mission

The residents contacted several shelters before getting help from Suzette Hall, the founder of an animal rescue called Logan’s Legacy. Collaborating with another local rescuer, Chloe, Suzette devised a plan to capture the dogs safely using a dog trap and some treats.

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Pongo was caught first, but while the second dog, Lily, was wary, she was so devoted to Pongo that she stayed close by. Suzette and Chloe used baby barriers and gates to secure little Lily, ensuring the pair remained together.

Hope for Pongo and Lily

While they were both underweight and scared, the dogs were still sweet-natured despite everything they’d been through. They were taken to a foster home for some much-needed care.

It was revealed that the two dogs had been abandoned by their owners. The duo would continuously return to the spot where they last saw their family in the hope they’d return. That’s why they refused shelter from the kind-hearted locals.

Despite the inevitable challenges of finding a forever home for two canine companions, Suzette is hopeful that a loving family will be happy to embrace the wonderful bond shared by Pongo and Lily and give them both the love and care they deserve.

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