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"Today I died": The shocking fate of a kitten who only lived for five days

By Greta Inglis Dog Behaviourist | Animal Behaviourist

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Rescue group "Des Patounes Pour La Vie" shared the story of Boby to Facebook, with an important message every animal lover should hear. 

It may have been a year ago, but Boby's story is just as moving today as it was when it first happened. 

Tiny and defenceless, the poor kitten didn't stand a chance when he was abandoned to his fate. 

« Never forget my name. »

When French rescue group Des Patounes Pour La Vie lost Boby, they were determined to make sure his life had meaning. 

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"I wanted to live, to chase butterflies, to love and be loved. I wanted to fall asleep each night surrounded by the love of my humans. I am a victim of uncontrolled reproduction. And today, I died", wrote the rescue. 

"I did not ask to be born, I did not ask to die", they continue, "and I am not the only one to suffer this fate. Every day, hundreds of kittens experience the same fate as me". 

A moment of reflection

With their heartbreaking post, the rescue hopes to encourage reflection on the problems associated with overpopulation and stray cats. Sterilisation is a key factor in preventing such problems, meaning kittens just like Boby don't suffer the same cruel fate. 

"It is by changing mentalities that you can save others. My mum didn't need to give birth to me. But my mum was probably given away without thought, as you might give away a piece of furniture. I think my mother is still looking for me, without knowing she is searching for a shadow she will never see again". 

The association hopes that Boby's message will reach far and wide, hopefully helping to save as many kittens as possible along the way. 

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