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Rottweiler gives birth; people left speechless at her unusual litter (video)

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A Rottweiler has become an internet sensation on TikTok after delivering an astonishing number of puppies.

The viral video, posted by user @autumn_raineee, chronicles the unexpected journey of her pregnant Rottweiler

Huge delivery

Despite preparations for the anticipated litter of six, the mama dog surpassed all expectations, birthing a whopping 16 pups, with a 17th unfortunately stillborn.

To ensure each tiny pup received its fair share of maternal care, the owner organised them into groups of eight, alternating feeding times between the lively bunch. 

The heartwarming video also shows the canine family’s bath time routine, with a tub overflowing with tiny, wide-eyed bundles of joy.

Viral video

With the average litter size for Rottweilers being around eight, ranging from six to 12, unsurprisingly, the video quickly captivated viewers, amassing over 14.8 million views and nearly 2 million likes within a week of its upload.

Watch how the Rottweiler mum and her owner cope with such a huge number of pups:

@autumn_raineee When My Rottweilers became parents of 16 😅 she actually delivered 17 but she was stillborn & I tried everything. #rottweiler #rottweilersoftiktok #puppybirth #birth #parents #puppies #cute #pregnancy #biggestlitteryet #record ♬ Funny - Gold-Tiger

Dog-loving viewers couldn’t resist sharing their astonishment and shared their own experiences with canine motherhood in the comments. One viewer humorously compared it to “101 Dalmatians: Rottweiler edition.”

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