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Amie hat ein besonderes Talent

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Dog’s incredible ability to recognise numbers leaves viewers stunned (video)

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A canine contestant on the German entertainment show, Wetten, dass..? stole the spotlight for her extraordinary ability to recognise numbers between 1 and 100.

The show’s format was the basis for the popular British TV show You Bet, where ordinary people would offer to perform unusual and difficult tasks.

Numerical canine

The bet was presented by Michaela Frank and involved Amie, a small Münsterlander, showcasing her numerical prowess in front of a large audience. The bet required Amie to recognise numbers between 1 and 100 that are read out in English.

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Amie's performance began seamlessly, effortlessly identifying the first four numbers. However, a hiccup occurred at number 12, momentarily stalling the bet. Undeterred, Amie quickly recovered, correctly identifying all subsequent numbers and securing victory for her owner.

Online controversy

The decision to present the bet in English was because Michaela Frank was concerned that German numbers might confuse Amie due to their similarities. 

Despite this precaution, the bet faced scrutiny on social media, especially on X, where viewers raised doubts about the authenticity of the performance. Allegations of potential verbal and non-verbal influences on the dog and concerns about the order of the cards sparked a debate on whether the feat was genuine or possibly a result of cheating.

Here's Amie's performance:

However, in the final show vote, Amie and Michaela claimed second place with 24% of viewer support.

Well done, Amie!

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