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Woman's makes call using dogs' favourite words, their reaction is hilarious

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In a hilarious video the owner of two adorable dogs cleverly faked a phone call using her pets' favourite words, sending the internet into fits of laughter.

As the woman playfully mentions phrases like "Bye Bye," "chicken," and "put my shoes on," the dogs' reactions were nothing short of priceless.

Favourite words

The woman's canine companions, attuned to the conversation, perked up at the mention of their beloved words. The anticipation reached a crescendo as the woman mentioned activities like putting on shoes and taking Bill and Angel outside. The dogs' excitement was palpable, showcasing a level of comprehension beyond basic commands.

The heartwarming video, illustrating the dogs' ability to grasp context and meaning beyond traditional commands, has taken social media by storm. With over 38 million views, 8,000 reactions, and more than 1,000 comments, it has resonated with dog owners worldwide. 

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Hilarious video

Viewers shared anecdotes about their own pets, highlighting the universal joy of witnessing dogs react to familiar words.

Here’s the funny clip: 

As the video continues to capture hearts, many viewers express their hope that the woman will take her enthusiastic dogs to the "Bye Bye" and treat them to the promised chicken. 

Does your dog have favourite words?

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