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Missing hiker found dead in mountains, his heartbroken dog refused to leave his side

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An elderly hiker, missing for three months after getting lost, has sadly been found dead – but miraculously, the man’s loyal dog has survived the ordeal.

Not only did the dog survive being out in the wilderness all that time, but he never left his owner’s side.

Tragic discovery 

The hiker, 71-year-old Rich Moore, had been missing for three months before his lifeless body was discovered near Blackhead Peak in Colorado’s rugged San Juan Mountains.

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Mr Moore and his loyal companion, Finney, a Jack Russell Terrier, embarked on their ill-fated journey in August to conquer the challenging terrains surrounding the 12,500-foot peak. 

The discovery by a hunter at the end of October in the treacherous Lower Blanco drainage basin raised numerous unanswered questions surrounding Mr Moore’s disappearance. While the authorities are ruling out foul play they haven't released a cause of death.

The volunteer missing-person group Taos Search and Rescue announced the tragic news in a Facebook post, revealing that the victim's dog had been found alive alongside him.

Loyal companion

However, amidst the tragic turn of events, Finney, miraculously surviving the harsh wilderness, was found alive near Moore’s body. The Jack Russell terrier endured the inhospitable conditions, showcasing unwavering loyalty by staying close to its late owner for the entirety of the harrowing ordeal.

After being declared fit and well by a vet at a local animal hospital, Finney was relieved to be reunited with Mr Moore’s grieving family. As the circumstances of Moore’s disappearance and demise continue to elude authorities, the remarkable survival of Finney remains a poignant testament to the enduring bond between humans and their faithful canine companions.

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