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The astonishing before and after of a skeletal Pitbull is unbelievable (video)

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A skeletal Pitbull, once teetering on the brink of euthanasia, now basks in a life filled with love and vitality.

This emaciated Pitbull, now affectionately known as Jolene, was a harrowing sight. Her gaunt frame resembled a walking skeleton, with her bones protruding through her thin, fragile skin. 

Her situation was so dire that she had been placed on the shelter's list for humane euthanisation.

Saving Jolene

However, Sheriff Trevor Reeves refused to give up hope. He stepped forward, taking personal responsibility for Jolene's welfare. Despite her frailty, Jolene was fiercely determined to live, wagging her tail in response to Trevor's care and compassion.

Over three months, Trevor's unwavering dedication led to a miraculous transformation. Jolene gained weight, her eyes were brighter, and she brimmed with the joy of life. Then, the sheriff reached out to the Villalobos Rescue Center, seeking a loving family for Jolene.

Happy ending

Fortune smiled on Jolene once more when an ideal family emerged from the list of potential adopters, offering her a sprawling ranch in New Hampshire. A stroke of fate came into play as the shelter team planned a trip to New York, facilitating Jolene's journey to her forever home.

Meet Jolene:

Tia Maria Torres, the leader of the rescue team, viewed this as a sign of destiny. In a remarkable turn of events, Jolene transitioned from the brink of despair to a life filled with love, space to roam, and the companionship of her new family.

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