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Cat acts like a Rottweiler in viral video taking the world by storm

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It’s not unusual for dogs to learn a few tricks. Cats, on the other hand, are notorious for being hard to train, which is what makes little Didga that extra special.

Didga, an adorable little cat, lives with her owner Robert Dollwet and Rottweilers Lucy and Phoenix. Didga, short for Didgeridoo, was adopted by Robert from a cat rescue shelter.

Record-breaking kitty

Robert enjoys training his dogs and soon realised that Didga seemed keen to copy what her canine siblings were doing.

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So when Robert instructs the dogs to lie down, so does Didga. But that’s not all she does. When Robert asks each animal individually to roll over, each, in turn, rolls over as requested. Including Didga.

The video has already had an incredible 17,878,896 views on YouTube. If you listen closely, you can even hear Robert say, "Good puppies," at the end.

But this isn’t the only trick that Didga can do. She’s actually a Guinness Book record holder for the most tricks performed by a cat in one minute. The clever cat successfully performed an incredible 20 tricks to earn a place in the 2017 edition of the Guinness World Records.

Her record-breaking tricks included rolling over to jumping over a bar while on a skateboard.

Internet sensation

Didga has since smashed her own record by registering an amazing 24 individual tricks in just one minute.

Robert's YouTube page is bursting with unbelievable videos of Didga showing some of the amazing tricks she can do.

Didga’s amazing talent for performing has won her a legion of fans across the internet. She has an Instagram and Facebook page, which she shares with her furry siblings. On it, Robert posts photos and videos of Didga and his other cats, Boomer, Bindi, and Jeb, performing tricks and generally looking adorable.

We can't wait to see what Didga learns to do next.

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