Family watches CCTV and can't believe what the postman does at their gate

Labradors wait behind closed gate dog-happy

While their owners were away, these dogs got a special visit. CCTV caught the beautiful scene on tape, and the dogs' owners couldn't have been more pleased when they saw it.

By Justine Seraphin

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The mailman was driving around the neighbourhood delivering letters and packages, when he decided to stop in front of this house. He didn’t have any mail for its occupants, but he had some very important business to attend to there anyway.

An adorable scene

The security camera caught the whole scene on tape. Five Labradors wait impatiently behind the large black gates of the driveway. As the mailman’s car stops in front of their home, their tails start to wag uncontrollably.

Once the mailman reaches the dogs, he passes his arms through the gates, and gives each and everyone one of them scratches. The Labradors lap up the fuss and repay their kind visitor with lots of slobbery kisses.

Caught on camera

When the family discovered this scene, they were more than moved that the mailman was willing to take time off his schedule just to give their dogs a little attention. Soon, they realised this wasn’t just a one-time thing. The mailman often stopped, rain or shine, to give the Labradors their much-demanded cuddles.

As a thank you to the mailman, the family decided to post the footage on social media. The response from the public was huge. With over 100k likes on Twitter, it seems this family weren’t the only ones who were touched by the mailman’s small but incredibly kind gesture of love.

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