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Rhino startles sleeping dog, leaving millions of viewers in stitches (video)

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Imagine you were enjoying a lovely nap in the sunshine, and then suddenly you are woken up with a start and come nose to nose with a rhino!

If you are someone who doesn't like being woken before you are ready, then you may have some sympathy for the dog in this video.

Rude awakening

Heard the expression "letting sleeping dogs lie?" Well, this rhino certainly hasn't. 

The hilarious clip starts with the rhino taking a stroll down a peaceful street when it encounters a dog sleeping on the grass. The rhino seems intrigued by the sleeping pup and gives it a sniff, slightly nudging it in the process.

The dog wakes up with such a fright as it sees the huge grey beast looking down on it. The poor startled dog lets out a squeal before it flies off down the road. The rhino meanwhile carries on strolling along as if nothing happened.

Hilarious clip

Whether it's the carefree way that the rhino nudges the dog awake or the canine's reaction to realising the cause of its wake-up call, the video has left the internet in tears of laughter. Some people have commented on the video that it reminds them of when they're woken up in the morning, while others just can't get enough of the expression on the dog's face when he sees the rhino.

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