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Unwanted shelter dog lands job as RSPCA receptionist to finally get attention

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A cute rescue dog called Coco has come up with a unique way to find her pooch parents and forever home.

Coco, the sweet mixed-breed, came to the RSPCA Stubbington Ark rescue centre last April. She's been there ever since.

"Take me home!"

All this loving pup wants is a family and a home. Spending so long in the shelter and dealing with all that rejection would leave most dogs feeling down in the dumps

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But not Coco. She's still full of life and love. And Coco hasn't given up on her dream of finding the home she deserves

In fact, she's taken matters into her own paws. Coco has figured out a way to 'advertise herself' to all the potential pooch parents visiting the shelter.

Every day, clever Coco places herself next to the front reception desk. And whenever a new person walks, she jumps up on the desk to say hi.

The message is obvious: "I'm here. Look how cute I am. You should really consider taking me home."

When she's not busy promoting herself, Coco helps the shelter's reception team with their daily duties. However, in Coco's mind, 'help' means offering herself up for strokes and eating treats.

Coco's perfect home

It might not sound like work to other people, but Coco's job is to keep other people happy, and she's amazing at it.

"Coco is an affectionate girl who warms to new people quickly," said one of the receptionists. "We love having this ray of sunshine around, but she needs a forever home."

Coco is part Border Collie, so she's a highly intelligent pooch who needs an active and experienced owner. She's well-trained and very (very) food motivated. 

Like most Border Collies, Coco is a countryside dog. She needs big, open spaces to explore. Inner city environments, especially busy main roads, make Coco a little nervous. She's super-friendly around other dogs but can't live with cats. There's only one thing Coco likes about cats - chasing them!

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