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This adorable dog has cinnamon rolls instead of ears!

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When Jen Deane, president of Pet Sisters, heard about the abandoned pups which had been brought into the local shelter and needed help, she knew she had to do something.

By Memoona Zahid , 22 Oct 2019

Jen loves dogs, so working for Pet Sisters, a dog shelter, is the ideal job for her. When she heard of the news of the abandoned puppies who were only 5 weeks old, she decided to go to their rescue.

She immediately took them to be checked out at the vets, to make sure they were all in the best of health. At the vet's, the dogs were given baths and treated for worms. Luckily, all the puppies were in good health otherwise.

All the pups looked similar to each other, adorable, tan, and floppy eared.

One stood out

However, one of the dogs stood out from the crowd...

When Jen looked closer at the dog to see what made him distinguishable from the rest, she noticed something about his ears. Instead of being floppy like the other dogs’, this pup’s ears were curled up into what looked like cinnamon rolls.

And they looked absolutely adorable!


My family adopted Cinnamon (now Kira), the pup with the curly ears. She is amazing and we love her! As expected, her...

Posted by Laurie Locashio McGovern on Wednesday, January 16, 2019

An appropriate name

Jen had never seen this before and she was positively surprised. She decided to call the dog Cinnamon. An appropriate name for the dog, of course.

Cinnamon’s photos were posted on social media where she quickly gained lots of attention. People were obsessed with her curly ears.

It didn’t take long for someone to completely fall head over heels for Cinnamon and she was soon adopted.

Cinnamon (now Kira) lives with her new owners and three doggy siblings in Florida. Her ears may not look the same now that she's all grown up, but we'll always remember the good old days where they were cinnamon rolls!