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Dog sees a tiny kitten in the snow; what he does is hard to believe (video)

By Zoë Monk Content Writer

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A dog owner has captured the moment his family dog became a hero when he saved the life of a desperate feline.

Dogs are well known for helping humans in various ways, but what about helping a fellow four-legged animal? The dog in this video shows that dogs will help anyone who needs it.

Freezing conditions

The dog and his owner were out on a winter walk when the dog suddenly spotted something ahead in the snow. The combination of frigid temperatures and heavy snow made visibility difficult for the man, but there was no doubt that the dog had spotted something.

The dog went ahead and began barking at a dark object in the snow. As the man approached, he saw his dog grab whatever it was and begin dragging it.

Hero dog

It was then he realised that his dog was desperately trying to save the life of a cat who was nearly freezing to death.

The man followed behind, filming as his dog continued to drag the cat across the snow until they arrived at its dog house. The incredible pup then pushed the cat inside the little wooden house before getting in and cuddling up to his feline patient. The dog instinctively knew that the cat was in distress and needed shelter. 

We do hope both animals were then taken inside the owner's house and warmed up by a nice fire. 

Well done, hero dog!

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